Are you using Checkdesk?

With so many people on social media, false rumors can spread quickly, being taken seriously by hundreds of thousands of people before a legitimate news outlet debunks it. Checkdesk makes it easy for journalists across the globe to verify information they see on social media.

Journalists can use Checkdesk to keep track of all the social media (or "user generated content") emerging about a particular story, and quickly incorporate that into their reporting . As the content comes into Checkdesk - either from a journalist or a reader - newsrooms can start fact checking the media, asking questions and adding context. As journalists investigate a tweet or a YouTube video, they can assign it a status: "Verified", "False", "In Progress", or "Undetermined". These statuses are a clear indication to the reader of whether the video or tweet can be trusted.

In this kind of work, it's as important to debunk fake news circulating as it is to verify authentic content that can add value to a story.