5 New Social Media Tools For Journalists in 2015

In an increasingly vital area for journalists, here are some new tools journalists can use to search, monitor or curate content from the social web.

1. Rebelmouse - This free social media aggregator which organizes content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS and more. Users can filter results by hashtags or keywords, making it a useful tool for curating user-generated content. I've been using this platform for some time, follow me on https://www.rebelmouse.com/joshuaeure/

2. Topsy - Journalists can set their search to a particular topic to find all the tweets posted in a set period. Most of the functionality is free but there is a paid for version for advanced users.

3. smqueu.com  - This free app allows users to automate content sharing from high-traffic blogs and websites. Using Smqueue, users can set the time and frequency for sharing content, with the ability to post photos, videos and short links. It integrates with platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Google+.

4. BuzzSumo - A social search engine that allows users to find content shared across key social networks. Journalists can search by topic or by filtering the type of content they want to find, such as infographics, videos or articles. By pasting in a URL or the name of a site or topic, users can also see the most-shared content on that platform or subject area.

5. Meddle - Meddle is a free dynamic blogging and curation service which enables users to highlight excerpts of published content and add their own comments before distributing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Follow me on Meddle.it/joshuaeure